12th January - 23rd February 2002 at Watford Museum
GOAL-DEN YEARS, 1977-1987
Re-live the excitement of Graham Taylor's first period in charge of Watford Football Club through this exhibition of memorabilia and memories
"A community club"
By Ed Coan

I grew up in north London, in a fairly unidentifiable suburb. So I didn't have much of a sense of what it meant to be part of a town community.

So when I joined Watford Football Club in 1984, it was a real eye-opener, and when I actually moved to the area some 10 years ago, that feeling of being part of a town became even stronger.

It also quickly dawned on me that Watford FC was one of the focal points of the town - one of the physical things which gave the town its identity, and also its sense of pride.

But as I soon realised, the football club had really taken this on board, and Graham Taylor embodied that. I suppose having played for and managed a 'town' club beforehand, Graham realised how vital it was to get a level of mutual understanding going between the football club and the locality.

Why? Simply because that's the way it should be.

With Graham now retired from the club, I feel it's even more important than ever that those of us still at Vicarage Road ensure this legacy is taken forward and if possible, enhanced.

That's why I also feel that the truly genuine tribute the club can pay to Graham's endeavours is not just in words, such as creating a 'Graham Taylor Club', but in our actions.

In other words, let's really show the football world what it means to be a 'community club' - and in the process have a huge amount of fun!

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