Goal-den Years, 1977-1987:


Below, you can read stories and thoughts from other Watford supporters. When you've done that, why not add your own contribution to this online exhibition?

by Adam Cummings

"A freezing night in Prague"
by Mike Vince

"A community club"
by Ed Coan

"Alright to introduce him to the boys?"
by Stuart Clarke

"Watford almost expelled me!"
by Robert Alexander

"The first interview"
by Oliver Phillips

"August 1983"
by Matt Rowson

"Driving home"
by Simon Waldman

"Oxygen tank on the touchline"
by Revd. David Rivers

"Mr Taylor to you sonny!"
by Peter Fincham

"Graham Taylor - hard taskmaster or genius"
by Paul Baker

"Two arms and two legs in good working order"
by Caroline Gillies